About Me

Raylene has always loved to sing.... And at 13 took up guitar, song writing and later piano...performing at local shows, events, camps, weddings etc.

In 1999, Raylene entered a songwriting competition for the first time... held by TAMOSCAR  – with four entries. One entry “Where Can I Go” was placed in the top 12 out of almost 5,000 entries nationwide with the other three receiving a judge’s commendation. During this time she was involved in choirs and establishing a song writing group with other local songwriters…

Towards the end of 2001, Raylene studied music more in depth and eventually completing a Diploma of Music & a Diploma of Creative Ministry/Arts.

In 2005, recording demos for her debut album “Mystery” commenced - marking her journey through the most difficult period of her life and the peace & tranquillity discovered amidst those storms.

2005 again - “His Love” - was a finalist entry in the National Gospel Songwriting Awards... (on the album).

Some highlights of her group performances include: Unity College concerts; Floriade; city wide inter-church events; Christmas concerts; and as part of the “Australian Idol Choir” at Parliament House, Canberra – hosted by Channel 10, in 2005.

Her soloist performance hightlights include events such as: 1Way FM Fund raiser concert; The National Gospel Happening; Young Cherry Picking Festival; Assyrian Rally at Parliament House Canberra; Unity College Fundraiser Concert 2009 & 2010; Street Concerts at Shopping Malls; as well as hosting her own concerts, the John O'Brien festival in Narrandera and radio play by 1WayFm Canberra and Party in the Park at Stage 88, 2011. 

Other Achievements:

Jun 2010 - "His Love" - Received a "Director's Award" In the Paramount Group - Nashville International Song & Lyric Writing Competition

Dec 2010 - "I Know" - "Wipe Every Tear" and "Fountain" -  gained radio play on Women of Substance Radio USA.

Jan 2011 - "I Know"  selected by Radio UK Showcase Hour

Jan 2011 - "I Know" - KCLA 99.3 FM radio - out of Los Angeles

Jan - 2011 - CACH Radio Vancouver - "I Know"

Jan 2011 - "I Know" - "Fountain" and "Wipe Every Tear" - selected by Soulful Tears Radio - internet streaming station
with a guaranteed 1,000 radio plays and two 30 second promotional ads for my music

Jan 2011 - "His Love" - added to Celtic Roots Radio playlist - ‘Celtic Roots Radio’ show is currently broadcasting
on ‘Eurobird 9’ satellite - across Europe, Russia, the Middle East & North Africa - on ‘Intelsat 10’ across Asia and Africa and on ‘Galaxy 19’ across north and central America - look for them on ‘Radio Eden’.

March 2011 - "I Know" - accepted for airplay by RadioBuzz.D.com with opportunity for live interview & gig

March 2011 - imradio - Chicago, Illinois - have invited me to add my songs to their daily playlists & artist page

March 2011 - two performances at the John O'Brien Festival, Narrandera

March 2011 - Maximum Threshold Radio chose "I Know" for radio play & asking for me to submit more material... which I hope to soon!!

March 26 - 1 Way FM 20th Anniversary Concert at Stage 88 Commonwealth Park - Canberra

April - Moon Radio Portugal - radio play

April - Vents Radio - Florida - radio play

April - "Fountain" - added to Celtic Roots Radio playlist - ‘Celtic Roots Radio’ show is currently broadcasting
on ‘Eurobird 9’ satellite - across Europe, Russia, the Middle East & North Africa - on ‘Intelsat 10’ across Asia and Africa and on ‘Galaxy 19’ across north and central America - look for them on ‘Radio Eden’... adding that "this song is very popular and will be added to our regular rotation"

April - Accepted for Indie Gospel Artist site and artist page - and featured song "I Know"

April/May - Sitting at #1 on the Reverbnation national Gospel chart and #1 on the local Gospel chart
and #4 on local chart across all genres!!!

 May 2 - Christopher Ewing - Emmy Award winner & host of "The Radio Cafe Reverbnation indie Music Countdown" and Indie Music Channel - chose my music for the new artist site and my artist page... saying "...I feel you are one of the BEST independent artists out there right now. Way to go!"

May 3 - Triple J Unearthed have accepted my music for their indie artist site

May 13 - Dream Media Network - #4 top artist on their site - and #1 #5 top artist photos- Stage 88 performance

May 15 - Featured Artist on Global Battle of the Bands website!

Jun 26 - Women of Substance Radio, USA - added "Where Can I Go?" & "Unconditional" to their playlists

Aug 2011 - "I Know" - made it into third round and top 75 of the Battle of the Bands on Eye Rocks Radio Texas

Aug 2011 - "I Know" featured on Skope Radio & TV in Boston MA, for at least a month

Sept 2011 - I'm a featured artist at Eye Rocks Radio Texas and listed as the top artist in my category for the Battle of the Bands

Aug 2012  - "I Know" accepted for radio rotation via Musicxray submission to Outboundmusic.com on "The Connection" radio show and my own artist page - www.outboundmusic.com/raylenwaye/ 

Sept 2012 - Indie Music Channel - I received a "Top New Artist" badge for my page - www.indiemusicchannel.com/profile/RayleneWaye 

2012 has been an extremely busy year, with working on the new album "Redemption".... 12 great new songs to inspire you - and relocating recently to Sydney from Canberra... with the album almost completed, it's time for some new challenges and to get back into live gigs!

October 2012 - "I Know" added to rotation at Outboundmusic.com and my own artist page

Raylene writes music that is inspirational, encouraging and uplifting... and will stir your "inner-self" to believe for greater things... her music is best described as an eclectic mix, from Alternate Pop/Rock to Celtic persuasion. 

In putting together her album “Mystery” – it is hoped that you will be inspired and encouraged to move beyond where you are now and into the fulfilment of your God-given destiny....